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About Company



Ibercompany LLC launched its business as an oil product wholesaler at the beginning of the nineties of the past century. Exactly at hard times the company had to expand and develop business. Despite of the multitude obstacles, dire economic and social situation, the company made an important step towards self-development by setting up a tank farm (Oil Base) in 1994, in Tbilisi supplying oil products to wholesalers and later Petrol Station (PS) chains. From that time, the company started building own PSs and expanding its retail chain. Soon the company set up for about 35 petrol stations across the whole territory of Georgia.

In 2010, Ibercompany performed rebranding, changing its brand logo, starting implementing corporate culture and internal standards, moving on to the modern management standards, improving human resource management and developing a system of close public relations.


The Brand


"Optima" is the brand of patrol stations’ which was created in May, 2017. The brand is operating in Tbilisi, as well as in regions throughout Georgia.  At this time Optima petrol stations offer the customer services such as: fuel filling, market, car wash, pay-box and it is planned to add some other services such as self-services:  adding windshield washer fluid and tire pressure to car, vending machines. All these are considered in the concept of the brand and it is explained in such a way:  “It is everything easy to use at Optima stations, and what is the most important, the customer can buy the fuel of high quality with optimal price and at the same time he takes care of his car. Optima’s slogan is – “Optimal Choice".



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